The Grass Blade Raiders

The Grass Blade Raiders are a group of mercenaries/bandits that operate outside the rule of Faran law. They raid the border lands and Faran frontier, but don’t pick on the humans.

Very much like the Red Sashes Gang (in the movie: Tombstone), the grass blade raiders are a powerful gang of mercenaries that cause trouble, but no one really has the power to stop them. They are proving to be a continuing embarassment for the king, as they raid the neighboring kingdoms.

The leader of the Grass Blades is a human named Isaac Fletcher, though he prefers to be known as “Isaac Grass Blade”. A scout, ranger and tracker of some skill, Isaac leads his band of raiders to their next plunder by tracking down the travellers of the wild.

In the frontier, the sword is the law.

The Grass Blade Raiders

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