The dead dying and undead

This world has a strong connection with the lands of the dead. Sages speculate that the massive deaths of the dragon flight wars forced open the connections to the planes to allows for the huge influx of spirits to pass from this world to the lands of the dead.

The results have been many fold.

-The gates to the lands of the dead are swamped. Thus slain people and creatures do not pass as quickly to the outer planes.

-Undead form more often and more quickly on this world than normally

-Undead that form (even “mindless” undead) often have memories of their old lives and have varying alignments

-Some souls form ghosts that continue to act in the world of the living (see ghostwalk).

-Some souls are brought back into the world of the living and other become powerful Eilodons that serve and protect their communities.

GAME PLAY NOTES For PCs to rise from the dead as either corporeal undead or ghosts, they must take a new feat: Determined Soul: Creatures with this soul have a detemined soul that will not pass to the lands of the dead upon being slain. They have a fate or destiny and are determined to see it through. Even death will not stop them from trying to reach their goals. Creatures with this feat also gain +1 to their will saves. Creatures with the determined soul feat that are slain or die must wait 10 minutes before deciding to return as a corporeal undead appropriate to their HD or level (per Libris Mortis), or as a ghost (per Ghostwalk). A character who becomes undead can still be raised (using raise dead, ressurection, true ressurection, etc) as their soul is still accessible. The demand of these spell for material components (the body and its condition) remain.

Additionally, undead creatures are not as “surprising” in the game world, but they are not expected or accepted in all communities. Each society has a different opinions on the matter.

The dead dying and undead

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