History of Faras

The kingdom of Faras was founded nearly a 60 years ago when the Faras tribe of humans settled at the foot the Iron Tear Mountains. After living as nomads for generations, fleeing dragons and other predators, the humans were finally strong enough in numbers to settle into a fortified village. The small settlement of a few hundred men women and children built their village on the banks of a small river fed by the mountains.

Within a few years, the humans had made their fortified camp into a real town. The earthen embankment around the village became a low stone wall, supplied with the rocks found in the new fields being plowed by the growing number of farmers. The nomads tents were quickly being replaced by wooden homes, and the village of Faras quickly grew to a stable, growing population.

As the village of Faras grew, so did its rulers. At first, the chief of the Faras tribe led nothing more than an handful of warriors and light cavalry. As the Farans became more settled, the chief’s descendants needed to initiate a breeding program for horses and a militia to protect the growing town. Even without other humanoids raiding to worry about, the Farans lived in daily fear of dragon attack, and other predators large and small stalked the wild world that the humans were trying to tame.

The first humanoid contact the Faran kingdom experienced was, luckily, a pleasant one. Eleven years after its founding, the village of Faras was visited by a nomadic clan of small gypsies known as halflings. A friendly, warm people, the Halflings immediately took to the humans and formed a friendship that endures to this day.

The Halfling gypsies were enormously helpful for the fledling kingdom, as they provided information about the surrounding lands. The nomadic halflings travelled the great plain and had encountered the Elven people of the northern wood, the dwarves of the Iron Tear mountains, and the warlike goblins that lived in the twisted wood beyond the plains. The halfling shared their knowledge of the surrounding territories and pledged to inform the neighbors of Faras that the humans were peaceful and friendly!

In the decades that followed, the human kingdom steadily grew larger and more powerful. They established boundaries and trade agreements with the nearby Elves and Dwarves, and eventually began to build outlying towns and villages to expand their territory.

Currently, the Kingdom of Faras consists of a medium sized capitol city (named Faras) and 3 small villages within 2 days walk of the capitol city. The capitol city is nearly 100% human, but does have a small population of dwarves, elves, half-elves and halflings. These foreign races live in Faras mainly as traders, merchants or diplomats.

The three small villages are Kel’Dost, Ligit’Toren, and Gadran. Each village is ruled by a Baron of Faras who has proven himself and distinguished himself in service to the king or the city. There are several other Barons in the Faran court who live in the capitol with no outside lands.

History of Faras

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