Campaign Introduction

The PC adventurers have just arrived in the small town of Kel’Dost- a small resource gathering village for the kingdom of Faras. The village is simple and the people hardworking. This area is considered the frontier of Faras, and is the farthest southern settlement of the kingdom. The people here are rugged and independent.

The ruler of the village is a middle-aged man of some reknown. Sir De’Karas is a Faran knight and Baron of these lands. The Baron earned his title in service of the king some years ago. He led a small band of warriors into the mountains to clear a trail to the Dwarven kingdom of Karan’Dur. The knight and his compatriots initiated a trade agreement and personally escorted dwarven diplomats to Faras to meet the king. While escorting the diplomats back to Karan’Dur, a red dragon attacked the party. De’Karas and his fellows fought the dragon off, and returned the dwarves home. He was honored with great awards from both the Dwarves and King Faras, and soon retired from questing to develop his land.

Now De’Karas serves the king by supplying the kingdom with abundant food harvests gathered from the lands around Kel’Dost. De’Karas lives in a small keep at the center of town. The main town is protected with a reinforced wooden pallisade, with some farms stretch out beyond the fence. There are regular patrols of guards in the village, as well as patrols that venture around the village. The population of the village is less than 500, and there are less than 60 soldiers stationed here.

The player characters are scheduled to dine with the Baron this evening, but they have a few hours to explore the village if they desire.

Other knowledge about the game world that starting PCs would know can be found here Campaign Info.

Campaign Introduction

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