Tag: NPC


  • Baron De'Karas

    Baron De'Karas loved adventuring, but hated the cost of life to his compatriots. After his quest to bring the dwarves and Farans together succeeded, he retired to manage his land. With the King's approval, he founded Kel'Dost, and within 3 years was …

  • Golrik De'Karas

    Golrik De'Karas is the son of Baron De'Karas. Golrik was raise in Faras with his mother (at the city home). After the completion of his schooling and training as a warrior, Golrik came to Kel'Dost to help his father rule the town. Golrik has a "hands …

  • Sir Borthos Galdor

    Sir Borthos Galdor and his party were captured in the badlands. In a desperate escape attempt, Borthos was killed, but rose as a ghost and has returned to Kel'Dost to ask for help rescuing his companions.