Pedes Nex



(Pending Approval) Str 15 +2 Dex 14 +2 Con 12 +2 Int 14 +2 Wis 10 + 0 Char 14 + 2

Skills: climb 2 + 2 = 4 craft 5 + 2 = 7 handle animal 5 + 2 = 7 intimidate 2 + 2 = 4 jump 2 + 2 = 4 knowledge architecture 2 + 2 = 4 ride 5 + 2 = 7

Feats/Specials: armor proficiency light, armor proficiency medium, armor proficiency heavy, cleave, dodge, martial weapon proficiency, mounted combat, power attack, shield proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, tower shield proficiency

Languages: Common Dwarven Halfling

Equipment (weapons) Lance Heavy 1D8 Long Sword 1D8 Falcion 2D4 Long Spear 1D8 Short Bow 1D6 (40 arrows)

Equipment (Armor) BreastPlate +5 Large Wood Shield +2

Equipment (other) Heavy Warhorse (Charger)(Saddle bags X2) Cart Pulled by Light Horse (Lucky)

Equip (Misc) Backpack 2lb (2) Bedroll 5lb (1) Blanket 3lb (1) Chain (10ft) 2lb (1) Chest 25lb (1) Flint/steel (1) Hammer 2lb (1) Lantern, bullseye 3lb (1) Oil 1lb (5) Ram 20lb (1) Rations 1lb (30) Tent 20lb (1) Torch 1lb (5) Waterskin 4lb (2) Whetstone 1lb (1) Artisan’s tools 5lb (1) Traveler’s outfit 5lb (2) Bit and Bridle 1lb (1) Feed per day 10lb (20)

Money Gold 40 Silver 3


Back Story: Pedes Nex was born in a very small village that was burned to the ground by raiding orcs and at 2 years old was the sole survivor. He survived for 4 days by himself until a band of mercenaries happened by. One of the younger sergeants took pity on Nex and took him with them. Because he never knew his name he was called “Boy” until at 4 years old he earned the name Pedes Nex (Walking Death). In one of the villages the band had stopped to find work a teenage girl was being attacked by three rabid dogs. Before anyone could react Nex ran to her side and managed to kill all three dogs with nothing more than a sharpened stick. Thus he earned his name from the wise woman in the village. From that day forth all the men in the band taught Nex everything they knew about combat. Growing up in the that way limited him in his overall education but not his intelligence. Nex made his way to Faras after the band was attacked by a large dragon killing all but Nex once again.

Personality: (probable sociopath) He is quiet, always thinking and slow to anger but merciless once roused. Would think nothing of sacrificing his own life to save a child or friend but is perfectly fine with torturing and slaughtering his enemies.

Goals: Become a renowned warrior, Open a smithy, Start a military school/orphanage

Pedes Nex

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