Houlfen Matook

Halfling "explorer" with some dubious skills and a mischevious streak


This is a pre-made PC character that you can adopt instead of creating your own on the first day of gaming. First come first serve.

Houlfen Matook is a plains halfling that decided to come into the city of Faras to live “among the bigs”. After a few months, he quickly adapted to the urban way of life. He’s had dozens of different jobs all over the city, but nothing seems to “fit right”. Ever the optimist, Houlfen has decided to try his hand at adventuring!

Houlfen and a group of small time adventurers recently completed a series of tasks in Faras that were little more than errands. Dismayed at the lack of glory and glamour, Houlfen abandoned that group to try and find a little more action out in the wilderness! He’s travelled to Kel’Dost knowing that adventurers often find work here and that the trail to the bad lands starts at the edge of town.

Houlfen Matook Male Halfling, Age 32, Alignment Neutral Good PC level 2 (Rogue 2 levels) Str10, Dex17, Con13, Int13, Wis14, Chr13 (80 point buy) 45 skill points: Spot 5+2 Climb 2+2^ Jump 2+2^ Move Silently 4+3+2^ Hide 4+3+4^ Listen 2+2 Search 2+2 Sleight of Hand 2+3 Open Lock 2+3 Disable Device 2+3 Bluff 2+1 Diplomacy 2+1 Sense Motive 2+1 Escape Artist 2+3 Ride 1+3 Appraise 2+1 Balance 2+3 Profession [Cook] 2+1 Profession [Faran Tour Guide] 2+1 Gather Information 3+1

1st level feat: Weapon Finesse

Class Features: +1BAB Saves: F 0+1+1, R 3+3+1, W 0+2+1* [+2 vs fear] Sneak Attack+1d6, trapfinding, evasion

Halfling traits: +2 dex, -2 str [] Small +1AC, +1BAB, +4 hide, uses small weapons, 3/4 normal carrying limits [] Speed 20 [] +2 Climb, Jump, Move Silently skills^ [] +1 to all saves* [] +2 morale bonus vs fear, fear spells and effects [] Known Languages: Halfling, Common [] Favored Class: Rogue []

Equipment [total value 1000gp]: Adventuring Clothes, Sling, pouch [10 sling bullets], Small MW Rapier with fancy engravings (320gp value), buckler (15gp value), 2x daggers, pack [thieves picks, crowbar, 30’ rope, climbing hook, climbing harness, black face paint (3 applications), hooded cloak], fancy hat (players choice of style [purple with Maki Wings?] 10gp value) waterskin, 2 days iron rations, 50gp garnet, potion of cure moderate wounds, 200gp

AC: 10+1size+3dex+1buckler=15 Ranged Attack: +1+3dex to hit SM. SLING 1d3 damage, 20×2 Range 50

Melee Attack: +1+3dex+1MW to hit SM. RAPIER 1d4 damage, 18-20×2

Ranged/Melee: +1+3dex to hit SM. DAGGER 1d3, 19-20×2 Range 10


Houlfen has a smattering of skills, but he’s sure that once he finds the right career, he’ll know what to specialize in! This, of course, is up to the player.

Houlfen Matook

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