Golrik De'Karas

Son of Baron De'Karas


AC17+ (Breastplate, Large Metal Shield) Wields Lance, Longsword, Dagger

3rd Level Fighter, LG?


Golrik De’Karas is the son of Baron De’Karas. Golrik was raise in Faras with his mother (at the city home). After the completion of his schooling and training as a warrior, Golrik came to Kel’Dost to help his father rule the town.

Golrik has a “hands on” approach, similar to his father. He often rides out with patrols to survey the lands personally. Several times a year, Golrik travels to Faras to attend parties or affairs of state. He sometimes attends court with one or both of his parents.

Golrik De'Karas

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