Baron De'Karas

Baron of Kel'Dost, the famous knight quested for King Faras


Baron De’Karas loved adventuring, but hated the cost of life to his compatriots. After his quest to bring the dwarves and Farans together succeeded, he retired to manage his land. With the King’s approval, he founded Kel’Dost, and within 3 years was sending harvests to the capital.

Baron De’Karas is a member of the Faran court, and is regularly called away to attend matters of state. His son, Golrik De’Karas, manages the town in his absence. Baron De’Karas has a daughter, Ephia. She spends most of her time in Faras, attending court and schooling.

Baron De’Karas knows how valuable adventures can be, and often hires them to trouble shoot issues in his territory. The baron has several items on his “to do list” that adventurers may be able to help him with.

The Baron had extensive personal wealth, but he expended much of it to build his keep and the surrounding town. However, with each successful harvest, he gradually regains more and more of his wealth. His town grows about 20 people per year, and he’s hoping that continued prosperity will bless him and his subjects.

The Baron has a great fear and respect for dragons, and considers them a hated menace.

Baron De'Karas

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