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Hundreds of years ago, the empires of Men, Elves, Dwarves and the other races spanned far and wide, encroaching on every corner of the world. They warred constantly and destroyed countless civilizations and ancient creatures in the lust for power and land. Enraged, the most powerful and wisest dragons formed a great council to debate the future of dragon kind.

After much deliberation, the dragons rose in a great flight of dragon kind. They flew in swarms, laying waste to all of civilation, be it Man, Orc, or Elf. Their initial attacks were sudden and overwhelming, and many nations fell nearly instantly. As word spread of the draconic plague, the few remaining nations braced for an armageddon. They braced their citadels with magic and stone, and prepared to fight to the death. The last battles of the dragon wars incurred horrible casualties for all involved. Though the dragons were ultimately successful in smashing the last remants of civilization, their numbers were greatly depleted.

As the last humanoids fled to the wilds in small nomadic tribes, the dragons hunted the largest of the groups, determined to claw the last remenants of civilization to death. Over time, the dragons tired of the hunt. They had been so successful that there were nearly no humanoids left to hunt. Wilderness had reclaimed much of the world. Their task completed, the dragons returned to their lairs and caves to rest and breed.

Hundreds of years later, the nomadic tribes of humanoids, acustomed to being perpetually hunted, finally gather enough strength of arms to settle into semi-permanent colonies. Within years, the humanoids begin a reclaiming the world, small areas at a time. The new kingdoms struggle against the wild world to claim and keep their place. The world has become a wild and dangerous place filled with ancient creatures, abandoned cities and forgotten magics.

The player characters begin play in a small human kingdom called Faras. The men have built their nation at the western foot of a small range of mountains inhabitted by Dwarves. To the north, a small tribe of elves are cultivating a forest nation. To the west of Faras is a large open grassland, largely unexplored, except by the few tribes of nomadic halflings that traverse it as gypsies. The great plain also extends to the south of Faras, but only for a few miles. Beyond the southern grasses, badlands extend. Few ever venture there, as it is assumed that any creature with the prowess to survive the environment would make a powerful adversary.

Some general notes- At campaign start, the player characters begin play as 2nd level characters (1000gp worth of equipment). As the game progresses there will be opportunities to create secondary characters and to retire character to bring in new ones (with no XP/gear loss). New players, or characters that suffer permanent death and are replaced will be introduced to the group as 1 level below party average (rounded down), and with minimal equipment.

The following races are allowed: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome [no half-orcs] Other races will be “unlocked” as the game progresses.

All core classes are allowed.

Other classes (from supplements like Book of Nine Swords) subject to review and approval/rejection. Prestige classes are allowed (subject to review), and players will need to role-play to gain access to them. The Libris Mortis and Ghostwalk supplements are going to be included and used in this campaign from the start. Slain characters may opt to resume play as undead instead of using a new or secondary character. A deviation from the ghostwalk supplement will be that ghostwalk characters will not be limited to the city of the dead, and will have free roam of the game world. This campaign has content extending to 23rd level. It is created to allow for eventual multiple PC run characters on multiple plot lines. It is intended to have a low player character kill count- though foolishness or untimely daring may result in PC fatalities.

How do secondary characters work? During the game, a player may request to initiate a secondary character. There will be several times when the GM announces that it is an appropriate “in game” moment to introduce secondary characters. Secondary characters allow a player to have a second character that is active while the first attends to non-adventuring tasks (like creating a magical item that takes weeks to complete, training with the Holy Inquisitors for a prestige class, or running a guild, etc). When first created, the secondary character will be 1 level lower than the primary character, and will have gear appropriate to their level (reviewed by GM to avoid min-maxing). The player who runs a secondary character then finds a good way to introduce their new PC to the group (having the primary character introduce and vouch for them is easiest). Players running multiple characters split their XP awards between the characters (80% active PC/20% inactive PCs).

The Campaign Introduction is here.

3.5 Mixer Homebrew

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